CANINE COURAGE : The Heroism of Dogs

An entertaining and informative look at dog motivation and the dog human bond; Canine Courage – The Heroism of Dogs features many true heroic dog stories.
Book cover features Breughel studies of dogs.


If you love dogs and stories about dogs you will enjoy the many true and heartwarming heroic dog stories in Canine Courage. An excellent gift for dog lovers.

“I chuckled, I laughed out loud, I marvelled, and I shed a few tears reading this book.” Marilyn Runyan, Ruff Notes

“It’s wonderful…except that I’m reading it on the train to and from work and a little embarrassed to be crying regularly in front of all the other passengers…” Julie Ables, reader

“Anyone who loves dogs and is as intrigued as I am by stories of dog heroism, will enjoy this book. We give it four hearts.” Heartland Reviews


Are stories of dogs saving people true? What dog breeds make the best (and worst) heroes? Why a dog would risk its life for a person? You will appreciate the in-depth examination into dog motivation and other aspects of our canine human history. CANINE COURAGE explores:

  • myths about loyal and heroic dogs
  • altruism in animals
  • canine natural history and domestication
  • which breeds are the most heroic
  • dogs that act as service dogs with no training
  • the possibility of dog extrasensory perception (ESP)

“. . .Canine Courage is very highly recommended reading for dog lovers and offers an impressive, fascinating wealth of information. To put it simply, Canine Courage is an unabashed celebration of the loyalty of our canine companions.” James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

“An intriguing new book offers an exhaustive insight into this phenomenon. . . .” Phil Arkow, Courier-Post

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