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Canine Courage : The Heroism of Dogs is full of touching true dog stories about heroism in untrained dogs. Dogs like Bo, a Labrador Retriever who dived underwater to pull his trapped owner out from under a canoe, and Woodie a Collie mix who jumped off an 80 foot cliff to save her owner’s fiancée from drowning.

Understand Our Unique Friend

Canine Courage: The Heroism of Dogs examines canine natural history and answers many questions about the dog-human bond as it unravels the mystery of how and why dogs are unique among our domesticated animals.

Canine Courage looks at what motivates heroic dogs, exploring what dogs understand of danger, and how dogs know what to do in an emergency. The book also looks at related behaviors:

  • Loyalty – Why a dog like Shep would wait twelve years in a hospital lobby, the last place he saw his owner alive,
  • Relationships with other animals – What drove Nipper to run through flames to save a herd of cattle trapped in a burning barn?
  • Extrasensory perception – During an earthquake, Reona ran to the house next door and pushed a little girl out of the way seconds before a microwave oven toppled off the refrigerator. How did Reona know?
  • Everyday heroes – Learn about untrained dogs who help their disabled owners and are the role models for today’s service dogs.

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